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Importance Of Land

This rapid expansion of solar energy production and the creation of solar farms across the World are generating a number of financial opportunities for landowners, and especially large landowners, like farmers.

Solar farms are especially interesting for world-wide farmers, since depending on the crop, solar farm profits from photovoltaic panels could end up being far greater than traditional farming practices, especially in the right climates.

And even in situations where solar is not a more valuable option, it still might be preferable, especially since solar farm maintenance and upkeep is typically less exhaustive and far less of a hassle compared to traditional farming, for crops like sweet cherries, which often have to be picked by hand.

However, not all properties can be converted into utility-scale solar power plants, as the criterion for which a property is judged is very strict.

Some Calculations

Knowledge Of Lands

For a typical solar installation, the general rule of thumb is that for every 1kW of solar panels needed, the area required is approximately 100 square feet. This means, that, for a 1mW solar PV power plant, the area required is about 2.5 acres or 100,000 square feet.

There is a simple thumb rule a 1 KW system generates around 4 units per day. So 1 MW plant will generate approximately 4000 units per day.

These numbers will vary based on number of parameters listed below;

  1. Weather condition
  2. Solar plant design
  3. Efficiency of panels, cables etc.
  4. Quality of plant design
  5. geographical location of plant
  6. Losses in different parts

So this is very important to choose lands for Solar Plant/Park which can provide more benefits.


We Provide Solutions

Being an owner of a big land bank, we love to provide lands for Solar Plant / Park. We are having our lands in various parts of India:

  1. Bikaner Rajasthan – 198 Acres
  2. Jhunjhunu Rajasthan – 100 Acres
  3. Loharu Bhiwani Haryana – 112 Acres
  4. Outskirts of Hydrabad – 143Acres
  5. Bhopal Madhya Pradesh – 445 Acres

Our lands are located in the such area where radiation from the sun is really good and the moisture in the air is less. The Sunny days are more than 320 days of the English Calendar Year.

 We also deal in the Industrial lands. Our Industrial lands are located in:

  1. Bikaner Rajasthan
  2. Dharuhera Haryana
  3. Ambala Haryana
  4. Faridabad Haryana
  5. Gurgaon Haryana
  6. Hyderabad Telangana
  7. Bangalore Karnataka

Quality of Terrain

Sloped land, excessively rocky or sandy terrain, uneven land etc can all significantly add to the cost of installing a solar farm. Degree of forest clearing or tree removal must be low.

Proximity To Grid Connection

One of the biggest hidden costs of a solar farm is the distance required to connect a grid and it is advised to keep it within 1km of existing distribution lines.

Proximity to Main Roads

Proximity of a solar plant to a main road is considered an economic factor as the transportation costs affect the overall cost benefits.

Local Regulations and Ownership Read

Objections from the military over concerns with reflections interfering with pilot’s vision or ground construction causing problems with radar installations, construction permits and agricultural land limits on depth of holes allowed on a site are examples of regulations that can affect a site.

Local Weathering Factors

Desert conditions often coincide with excessive dust fall, flooding and flash flooding, high erosion etc, and these can limit the viability of a site and in many cases can make a site non-viable.

Local Transmission Capacity

Careful study must be done if the power grids will be able to handle the excess capacity that a solar farm would introduce.

Flood Risk Assessment

FLA must be conducted before deciding upon the land where the farm is to be developed.

Conservation and Environmental Impact Issues

Large tracts of undeveloped land too often coincide with sensitive or protected areas or protected species. Often the presence of a single protected species of plant or animal can halt or completely alter the development plans for a solar farm.

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